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Charlie Bucket is a poor but good-hearted boy living with his widowed mother and four bedridden grandparents in a tiny, ramshackle house; Mrs. Bucket works in a laundry while Charlie supplements the meager family income by delivering newspapers after school. The family, along with the rest of the world, learns that the famously reclusive chocolate maker, Mr. Willy Wonka, has hidden five Golden Tickets amongst his billions of Wonka Bars. The finders of these special tickets will be given a full tour of his world-renowned candy factory – the inner workings of which are a tightly kept secret – along with a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Charlie wants to take part in the search, but cannot afford to buy vast quantities of chocolate like most other participants. Four of the tickets are quickly found by Augustus Gloop, an overweight German boy; Veruca Salt, a spoiled English girl; Violet Beauregarde, a gum-chomping American girl; and Mike Teavee (spelled “Teevee” in the film), a television-obsessed American boy. Charlie’s hopes seem finally dashed when news breaks that the final ticket has been found by a Paraguayan millionaire.

As the Golden Ticket craze dies down, Charlie finds a silver dollar in a gutter and uses it to buy two Wonka Bars. Simultaneously, word then spreads that the millionaire’s ticket was forged. Charlie opens his second bar to find the true final ticket, and races home to tell his family but is stopped by a person claiming to be Arthur Slugworth, a rival confectioner who offers Charlie a large sum of money in exchange for a sample of Wonka’s latest creation, the Everlasting Gobstopper (a hard candy that can be sucked forever without dissolving or losing flavor), a similar deal that he made to each of the other Ticket winners.

An excited Grandpa Joe manages to get out of bed in order to serve as Charlie’s tour chaperone. The very next day, Wonka greets the children and their guardians at the factory gates and leads them inside, requiring each to sign a contract before the tour can begin. Inside is a psychedelic wonderland full of chocolate rivers, giant edible mushrooms, lickable wallpaper, other ingenious inventions, and Wonka’s workers, the small orange-tinted men known as Oompa-Loompas.

However, as the tour progresses, each of the first four children misbehave against Wonka’s weak warnings, resulting in serious consequences. Augustus is sucked through a chocolate extraction pipe system and into the Fudge Room after trying to drink from a chocolate river. Violet transforms into a giant blueberry after trying a problematic experimental piece of Three-Course-Dinner Gum. Veruca is rejected as a “bad egg” and sent plummeting down a garbage chute in the Chocolate Golden Egg Sorting Room after unsuccessfully trying to get her father to buy her one of the egg-laying geese, and then attempting to take one for herself. Mike is shrunk down to only a few inches after being transmitted by “Wonkavision,” a broadcasting technology that can send objects through television instead of pictures. The Oompa-Loompas sing a song after each mishap, describing that particular child’s poor behavior.

Charlie also succumbs to temptation along with Grandpa Joe, as they stay behind in the Bubble Room and sample Fizzy-Lifting Drinks. They begin floating skyward and are in danger of being cut to shreds by a large ceiling-mounted fan; to avoid this grisly fate, they both burp repeatedly until they return to the ground. Wonka initially seems completely oblivious to this incident.

The assumption is that Charlie has won the grand prize after he becomes the last remaining child on the tour. However, Wonka politely dismisses them and hastily disappears into his office. Grandpa Joe and Charlie enter Wonka’s office (every single item therein is cut in half) to investigate. Grandpa inquires about Charlie’s lifetime chocolate supply prize, and Wonka irritably points out the forfeiture clause of the contract Charlie and the other four winners had signed at the start of the tour. Charlie was therefore ineligible for the grand prize due to his part in the theft of the Fizzy-Lifting Drinks and some very minor infractions such as bumping their heads on the ceiling of one of the hallways, and Wonka apoplectically dismisses them both.

Grandpa Joe harshly denounces Wonka for “building up [Charlie’s] hopes and then smashing all his dreams to pieces,” and vows to give Slugworth the Gobstopper in revenge. Charlie, however, cannot bring himself to betray Wonka and quietly leaves the candy on his desk. Wonka recants his penalty and euphorically awards Charlie the grand prize. He begs his guests’ forgiveness after revealing that “Slugworth” was actually an employee named Wilkinson, and that his offer to buy the Gobstopper, along with Wonka’s own stern façade in the office, served as a test for Charlie.

Charlie’s grand prize is reinstated, but that’s only the beginning. As the trio soar over the city in the “Wonkavator,” an airborne, multidirectional glass elevator, Wonka tells Charlie that his actual jackpot is the factory itself, as the Golden Ticket search was conceived to help Wonka search for an honest and worthy child to be the heir to his chocolate empire. Charlie and his family will now reside in the factory, and eventually take over its operation. As the Wonkavator sails off into the sky, Wonka tells Charlie to “never forget the story of the man who got everything he ever wanted…he lived happily ever after.”

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