10 April 2012

In my opinion English is a lesson that has many feels. If we like english it would be comfortable to learn but if we do not like english it would be devil for us. The foundation to study english is we must sincere and believe with ourself that we capable. I believe that two aspect above as a motivated to study english.
Now, I want to tell about my experiences of studying english when I stayed on Elementary School. When I stayed on elementary school there is no english lesson so my experiences about english is very limited. But I have a manner to study it, that is I ask with my sister to train although just a simple. Because the first purpose to study english in elementary school is just to introduce what is English Lesson? We do not know about the funtion in studying english. The activity that can I do is study about alphabet, many kinds of numbers, many kainds of colour and the based of english lesson of elementary school.

Next is my experiences in Junior High School. First time I stayed on in senoir high school I dont like with english lesson. Because I think that english lesson is very difficult and not comfortable lesson. But it to be changed when my teacher choose I to be a master of ceremony. I not believe with my ability to be a master of ceremony but my english teacher give me a motivation that I can do it. After received a motivation from my english teacher I agree to be a master of ceremony. It happen when I sat on class one. After to be a master of ceremony I lke with english lesson and I proud with my ability. I want to develop my ability. I also ever join in Competition in reading poetry. Although it just between one and another class but I proud because I can show up my ability to another friend. Beside that, the funny experience is in our english class when I stayed on junior school is we must sing a song with english whereas there is not material about that. And it to be a competition. I do not believe that I to be a favorite singer in our class. Maybe it happen because my hobby is singing. In other hand, the factor that made me comfortable to study english is I like with my teacher. Because there are many differences with the other teacher.
Then, the next is my experiences when I stayed on in Senoir High School. When I was stay on senior hight school I dont have many experiences because my teacher not comfortable and it made me lazy to study english lesson. My experience just study in the class but I have an experience that cannot to forgot until now that is I playing a roleplay in a class and my partner is very funny. They acting is very good like an actor. Very funny and made all of people in the class laugh.
The last is my experiences when I stayed on University. University is the place that we must stand alone to study. Different like when we stayed on elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. On university we can enjoy but must serious to study. When I still first smester I still enjoy because I have not a purpose why I study english? But after I stay on second smester I realized that english is very important and has good prospect. I have not many experiences but I develop my english ability with more practice speaking with my friend in boarding house. Until now still many mistake in my speaking but I believe that by a mistake is the way to improve. There are many material that I get when I stay on university. The experience that very pleasure is when I practice teaching in a school. From this activity we will know about my ability because we will practice to teach with real student.
So, we can conclude that studying english lesson influence many factors. The first is about the the teacher. If we like with the teacher it can made me comfort to study english. But if we not comfortable with the teacher it can made me lazy to study english like me. Second, interest and intend from our self. Third, spirit to study and believe with aourself that we can developing our ablity and that very important is do not affraid to made a mistake.

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