coretan Ginza / 14 Mei 2012

Speaking English Correctly is a book which is guide to students, teacher, lecture, and many other who will improve speaking English. The book speaking English Correctly packed with example and explanation complete with short conversations and exercises. The conversations explain about material that explains in each chapter.

Unlucky day
coretan Ginza / 14 Mei 2012

One morning when I was in Senor high school I had experience unlucky day because I am late went to school and I slipped in my school. I got up 06.45 pm and continue to take bath. I finished took a bath at 07.00. And then I prepared myself went to school. My mother was angry to me because I woke up late. My mother also ordered to me hurry up because we are late went to school and work. But, in this day also rain so I must went to school with my mother because I am afraid to drive my motorcycle.

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