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4 April 2012


Drug is medicine that use for health with certain rules and laws. Drug is dangerous medicine because prohibit to use, to production, to sell and circulate without law certainly. In the other hand, drugs can also cause addiction which can cause physical disorders, mentally, social, security and public order.
First, Drug can damage our healthy and our body. But many people fault to use to some reason not in medical. It is very dangerous because it can damage our body such as damaged physically. Drug will disrupt brain function especially for students. According to Ratnawati, Septiani, Fitriah (2002) the fact about drugs is damage other body organs like the liver and kidneys, as well as disease in the body such as red spots on the skin like scabies. Additionally, ecstasy may cause brain, heart, kidney, liver and many others. In fact, drug also can cause HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS infect from injection if one of them also AIDS. In particular, narcotic also can reduce our recall power; even also can cause be died for people who use drug. Furthermore, drug also can damage mentally such as become angry, suspicious, anarchism, offended. Usually, hallucinogenic become stress and they can died because of drugs. Shortly, drug can damage our function in body and also drug maker we addictive to use it continually.
Second, narcotic can damage student’s dream or future. Teenagers have more know about something. And if they society with friends who use drug they will influence to imitate their friend’s habit. And if their parents didn’t care with their children make their children free to doing something. Indeed they didn’t think bad effect from drug. Besides society with people who use drug student use drug as maybe they have problem in home or in their live. And the effects are students who used drug they will lazy go to school so they also often absent. Istiqomah (2005) argues that Drug can less concentration student to study so they also become easy forgot their lesson. Furthermore, drug can damage brain students and the effect is student become stupid and difficult to think about lesson. In addition, people who used drug didn’t discipline and haven’t motivation to study. Student who use drug can disrupt learning in class. And bad effects from drug are they lost achievement and also they drop out from school. Their school also embarrassed because their school famous with negative issue.’’ Drug has relationship with evil and social which can disrupt in order and secure in school’’ Prastowo (2006). In conclusion, drug is very dangerous especially for student because it can damage our future.
Third, drug disrupts peaceful and orderly society. Drug addicts generally didn’t aware what they are doing because influence from drug. In particular, drug addicts usually do something without aware like tot and they can’t control their emotion. And it caused many criminalizes happen in everywhere. Ratnawati, Septiani, fitriah (2002) holds that disruption of normal behavior, appearance to wishes to steal, divorce, and injuring others. For example, tabloid said that a young man no match with the step father. One day, a friend gave him smoke drug. After he sucks he is out running until exhaustion. Then he stayed in a hotel in the morning, he went to the police station and reported that he had killed stepfather. When the police investigate the problem, It turns out he didn’t killed anyone. It is because influence from drug. In the other hand, many accidents happen in street because people who drive motor cycle or car intoxicated. Many people who use drug addictive to use continually and also they need much money to buy drugs. Consequences drug addicts do something which can disrupt orderly and safety. For example, steal or rob to get money to buy drugs.” Drug can damage relationship friends, family, wife or husband,” Prastowo (2006). Moreover, in politic drug also has negative influence. Istiqomah (2006) says that Selling drug in a reset say that payment these use for politic to pay politics’ destiny. In conclusion, drug not only can damage drug addict but also can disrupt safety and orderly in humanizes.
Fourth, drug can damage religion someone. Istiqomah (2006) argues that using drug to make us forget for remembrance, prayer, and good deeds to god. If people have problem they will pray to god to solve their problem. But sometime people always feel alone and many problem so, they judge if their problem from god. And also if their problem didn’t finish they will hate with god. In fact, before someone use drug they are diligent pray to god and often do it religion activity. And then, they also pray to god if they have problem in their live. But after they use drug they become never pray to god and religious activity. People use drug to less their problem. They didn’t believe again with god. People who use drug never pray to god. Moreover, drug addict better if they live alone without their family, friends and god. They think that drug best friend when they have problems. People who use drug become lazy do religion’s activity and they also become hate with god. Joewana (2006) says that Make drug user as a slave passion and die in disobedience. People who use drug think that god does not never in the world. As a result, people who use drug will hate with god and they solve their problem with drug.
Finally, drug can damage economic family and country. People who used drug will damage economic their family. Because, if they use drug they addictive to use continually. But if drug addict will get drug they must need much money to buy drug. In fact, people who use do something to get money with criminals such as stole and many other. Additionally, students who used drug they will use money school pay to buy drug. Many students ask money from their friends to buy drugs. Hallucinogenic often stole money their parents to buy drug. Indeed, if hallucinogenic sick because drug, their parents must spent much money to medical cost and buys medicine. Moreover, not only family but in social drug also can disrupt because many criminalize happen in everywhere. Hallucinogenic will stole humanizes to get money. Istiqomah (2005) argues that that drug also can damage economic country because total money to use drug is very much. Causing huge losses for the state in overcoming it, this is a new economic burden to be borne government. Drug its very harm in many aspects such as in economic family and country because we spent money to something that is not beneficial.
In summary, people who used drugs their live same within the hell because in their live just happy in short time but they will sick and sadness in long time. Because drugs can damage our health and destroy our bodies function. In the society drug can disrupt safety and orderly and also drug disrupt economic in their live. People who use they haven’t believe with god and damage their religion. And the last drug can damage dream and future.

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