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Who is not know with him?, he is Muhammad bin Idris bin syafi’ bin As-Saib bin Ubaid bin Abdu Yazid bin Hasyim bin Abdul Muthollib bin Abdu Manaf. he is a descendant of the tribe of Quraisy. His descendent came in contact with descendent of Rasulaullah on his grandfather that is Abdu Manaf. His call was Abu Abdillah, people dub him with nashir as-sunnah ( defenders of the Sunnah ). while the name of Imam Shafi’i was taken from his grandfather’s name is Shafi bin As-Saib.
Imam Shafi’i was born in Gaza, Palestine in the year 150 H. When Shafi’i was child an orphan in the care of the mother. The mother tried to educate with the right Islamic education. As evidence, the mother tried to send her to school in kuttab (a place to learn Al-Quran). small Shafi looked clever and intelligent. Even, a small Shafi’i often substitute teacher to teach. As a reward, Shafi’i could free school in that place until he had memorized the Quran. Once memorized the Quran, little Shafi’i out of kuttab. Furthermore, little Shafi’i continue memorizing hadist. he regularly attended the clergy association. there, he heard many of the hadist and the problems the people that he knew by heart. Little Shafi’i spirit hardly about their studies. Until he had asked his mother to buy the paper so he could write. However, the mother had no money to buy the paper. Small Shafi’i did not despair, he remains eager to seek knowledge. Although not able to buy the paper, little Shafi’i attempted to collect the bones and the board to record hadist in hear. Noted after, the bones and the board was kept well. than to learn from society, he also learned the Arabic word to the tribes Hudzail fushah.
small Shafi’i spirit even more blazing. he wished so hard to get science hadist to Imam Malik. great scholars of Medina at that time. He tried to prepare the supplies before leaving for Medina. among his supplies was that he memorize Al-Muwatta – book works hadist of Imam Malik – until memorized by rote. then, went to Medina to see small Shafi’i Imam Malik and Al-Muwatta read fluently in the presence of Imam Malik, Imam Malik so amazed with it.
Imam Shafi’i jurist and hadist is known. He has a lot of teachers and pupils. He wrote many books. Among his books is Al-Umm, Al Risalah, etc. To the extent that Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, said: ”I am new to the science of Hadist Mansukh Nasikh after learning of Imam Shafi’i”. Then he read a hadith:”true in every 100 years, God sent mujaddid (people who teach religion) for this race.”Imam Ahmad confirmed that the first Mujaddid is Kholifah Umar bin Abdul Aziz and the second is a religious Imam Shafi’i.
Imam Shafi’i died in 204 H, May God have mercy. He has provided a role model for us. How to fill a young age. O you young men and women should be excited about studying religion. Look at how Imam Shafi’i when he was young? Berfoy-foyakah? Of course not. Let us refer to advice him,”O my brother you can not acquire knowledge except with 6 terms of intelligence, greed (of science), earnest, have the costs, learning to teachers, and a long time”. Living in this world is short, let’s maximize this life with things that are useful for the hereafter.

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