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impian dan perekonomian indo 2017-2018

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  1. Traveling to any beautifull part in indonesia
  2. Make a small business
  3. Traveling with the people that I loved (family)
  4. Attend a big event,and be the one of it
  5. Have a little income so I don’t have to ask to my parent first
  6. Reading a lot of book. I’ll try it
  7. Buying something that I really loved by my own money
  8. Be good in english
  9. Beneficial to the other
  10. And hope that I meet the greatest people in this years


National economic performance throughout 2017 has stagnated the impact of monetary tightening in a number of countries and geopolitical issues. Economic growth was only 5.05 percent, despite assumptions in the State Budget (APBN) of 5.2 percent. The slowdown in economic growth accompanied by anomalies in terms of production in the form of a decline in real sector performance and in terms of household consumption expenditure led to a decline in the purchasing power of the people.

This slowdown also affected bank lending which grew only 8.2 percent year-on-year (yoy) as of December 2017, far from the target of Bank Indonesia (BI) of 10-12 percent before the revision, while the Financial Services Authority (OJK) predicts credit growth at the level of 13 percent, then lowered to 11 percent.

Meanwhile, the collection of Third Party Funds (DPK) per December position grew by 8.3 percent (yoy) or by IDR5141.5 trillion. This growth is beyond the OJK’s target of 9-11 percent at the end of 2017. The higher TPF growth than credit indicates that credit expansion is still restrained because some banks are still concentrated to restructure non-performing loans.

Although government policies have not been fully effective in driving economic growth, a number of indicators have shown positive performance such as a decrease in the unemployment rate, poverty rate, and the current ratio, which respectively decreased to 5.5 percent, 10.1 percent and 0.39 percent. In addition, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings boosted the ranking of Long Term Foreign and Local Currency Issuer Default Rating Indonesia to BBB from the previous BBB- with a stable outlook. The increase in Indonesia’s debt rating is supported by Indonesia’s resilience to external shocks or global factors in recent years.

The World Bank ranks Indonesia 72nd out of 190 countries in the 2018 business facilitation. Indonesia’s position is up 19 levels compared to 2017 from rank 91 to rank 72. According to the World Bank report, Indonesia’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) indicator has experienced a sharp improvement including bankruptcy settlement, contract enforcement, and access to electricity.

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