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Welcome. I am going to introduce you to my personal world. My public life, my name Habib Yasin come from Jakarta City so now I as an employee in Doctor Internet Management, design grafis, community activist, and now as Student of Muhammadiyah university Yogyakarta. My personal life is much less evident.

I love to read, write and design – using pencil on the paper and design in computer using Coreldraw and other. I am also interested to grow the cat and now I try be an breeder of  Persia cat . And I love to travel to good place like mountain or any beach, and to other place for refreshing whenever I have the time.

I interested in Design led me to take the Arts Design Grafis  course at Jakarta, and I already made the design Logo and clothes for KASKUS community. especially for Catlover Regioanl Yogyakarta.

My other favorite is photography, because i think the picture is arts and have many history on the picture. till i take photography course about one semester for study about photography. thank you that my background profile

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