The Teacher in Future

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In new global era we have fond many discovery that’s change the old theory to the new one, like method study from black board to white board. If we talk about teacher in future there is many words we can take it but  in my opinion the teacher in future is be divided into three, for the first the place for inquire  the student, the second for guide the student in their study, and the last for solving his problem or counseling for the student.

The first the teacher should be place for inquire student  because in my illustration the teacher in future is have much difference with the teacher in this era, Supported with rapid  progress from technology  give many  influence for the teacher. because many technology that make easy for teacher and student communicate  without any met between them so that the function for the teacher in future is for  inquire the student about lesson that he cant understand it.

Furthermore the  teacher in future is  for guide student for his study because in my imaging study in future the student study  just at home and communicate with the teacher by teleconference or by chat because that the guide from the teacher is more important in study of student. and should the teacher give the time to their student for their study and also not just time for study but for their play also important for their refreshing.

Finally the teacher can  be solving his problem and be a counseling for the student  becasuse every student have a problem because that the actor for the teacher important for the future with the rapid progress of technology  many bad influence that endangers the student so that the teacer should give solution and motivation for their student to do positive work in their life.

Summary teacher role in future is more required for the student because wiht the rapid progress of technology make easy the teacher and student but also many bad effect from them so that teacher role more required from place for place for inquire  the student so for guide the student in their study, and the last for solving his problem or counseling for the student.

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