As we know the technology has been used with people. Someone using the technology because the human mind. With his mind he wants to get out of trouble, wants to live better, more secure and so forth. Technological developments occur because someone is using their minds and their minds to solve every problem it faces.

THe influence of technology to culture there is three :

1. Moral degeneration among the members of the community, particularly among teenagers and students. The progress of economic life that too much emphasis on efforts to comply with a variety of material desires, has led some residents to be “rich in content but poor in spirit”.

2. Delinquency and deviant acts among teenagers increased further weakened the authority of the traditions that exist in society, such as mutual help and mutual help have been weakening centripetal forces that play an important role in creating social unity. As a result of information can be viewed together, delinquency and deviant acts among teenagers and students has increased in various forms, such as fights, graffiti, traffic violations to crimes.

3. Pattern of interaction between people who change your computer’s presence in most middle class households to the top has changed the pattern of family interaction. Computers that are connected with the telephone has opened up opportunities for anyone to get in touch with the outside world. Courses internet relay chat (IRC), Internet, and e-mail has made people preoccupied with her ​​own life. In addition, the availability of internet cafes (cafe) has given rise to many people who do not have their own computers and internet channel to communicate with others via the internet. Now more and more people are spending time alone with the computer. Through its Internet relay chat (IRC), the children can chatting with friends and strangers at any time.

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