Reflection on Blogging Activities

In this class, I have learned about writing on blog. I learned about writing on and UMY’s blog. Those 2 blogs are great and it is quite same. You can write everything there easily.¬† You can also change the appearance by yourself. There are some themes that you can choose. It is your creativity to make your blog interesting. While on you have to sign up with your Google’s account, on UMY’s blog you have to sign up with your UMY’s email or your student¬† number. It is because UMY’s blog operates under UMY.

I prefer using rather than UMY’s blog. The first reason because using is easier than using UMY’s blog. I easily understand to operate I also like the look of It is simple and I think it looks fresh because it has white and orange for the colors. I like writing there because it does not have so much things around my “paper”. However, on UMY’s blog, there is too much things around it.

I already have some posts on I will be happy if you want to check my blog. Click here.

Blogging is good for teaching and learning process because it will help students to practice their writing skill. It is also good if students like to read, for example reading people’s blog or their teachers’ blog. Blogging also easy to operate by people nowadays. We just should have internet connection, and we can use and operate the blog whenever we want.

Blog can be a good tool for people who like writing rather than speaking. They will have a place to tell everything they cannot talk. As a person who likes speaking rather than writing, I can learn and try to write on blog to improve my writing skill. It is not easy for me at the first time. After I wrote some reflections on my blog, now I think writing will be my new hobby and maybe I will continue to fill my blog on We’ll see.

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