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The crush

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Last week I saw the movie, the title of movie is the crush. This movie told about a child 8 years old falling in love with his teacher named Miss purdy.  Miss purdy is good looking, attractive and she is clever, a child named ardal.

When a lesson ardal always attention miss purdy, when lesson completed ardal gave a ring to Miss purdy. Miss purdy just assume ardal her student but ardal assume is more. It turns out ardal likes Miss purdy very much. Every day ardal attention Miss purdy, and when ardal shopping with his mother, Ardal saw Miss purdy with a boy named Pierce. Miss purdy called ardal and explained that Miss purdy engaged to be married. Ardal is very disappointed, and the night ardal saw his father held a gun in the bedroom. His father inserts a gun in cupboard, ardal confused with his choice. In the afternoon, a lesson completed ardal saw a pierce in front of school, ardal invited pierce duel to the death.  Pierce it turns out not good man, Pierce not pick up Miss purdy and he more chose went with his friends. One day when Pierce waited Miss Purdy in front of school, he meets with ardal. Ardal invited pierce deal to the death and Pierce accepts.  One day later ardal meet pierce again and invited pierce duel, suddenly Ardal brought a gun and will shot pierce. Pierce just assumes a gun just toy, but Ardal said a gun not a toy. Pierce believed ardal about a gun, Miss purdy just cry when she saw it. Ardal gave a choice to pierce, death for Miss purdy or still live. It turns out pierce more chose still live and disposed a ring engaged. Miss purdy is very disappointed with pierce and she is very angry. She will never saw pierce, finally ardal explained about a gun, a gun just a toy. Furthermore Miss purdy went home with ardal.

I felt this movie gave our lesson that we don’t easily believed with a boy. We also try gave lesson for a boy. This movie also is very interesting. It was suitable for young people.

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Don't change your choice :)

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The crush

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