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He is my teacher, yeah he is. He’s my life education rescuer. I really grateful with his struggle for helping me out from my ignorance to be a talented student. He don’t ask any pay, and he don’t ask any important things of mine. He just ask me to know, understand, and then take benefit from what have he given. Great! That’s why any wisdom that said, “ Teacher is a hero without appreciation”.

That is an appreciation for my beloved teachers. Just in words, not give something valuable. A teacher is a very good man in the world, or indeed in our life actually. Because of his sincerity and patience, we can be a skilled person like now, not only to our education, but also to our morality, we should give thanks for that. This article will lead to know about the role of a teacher in the future is still needed or not. To achieve this goal, i will give some reasons and  a sample based on my experience and also what i have read. Alright, Here we go!

In this modern age, there has discovered many great inventions such as internet, telephone, video player, etc. That’s caused The role of a teacher is little marginalized. For illustration, usually a learning and teaching activity process is a process where there are a teacher face and meet with his student and then he teach something to them in a place/ class. But, because of those inventions, now the process of learning and teaching can be done from long distance, no need to face and meet among the teacher and students. Moreover, because of the advanced technology, the process can occur without a teacher’s presence! Wow! How great it is! Yeah, we can feel happy with that because we no need to fatigue ourself for attending a class anymore and meet to our teacher because there are any internet, we can search many world knowledge with that, or by video call internet media, we can do that process in long distance, and also we can buy VCD or DVD casettes which contains materials study so that we can learn a science with that! So practical!

Perhaps, we can be talented with some sciences or know more with many knowledges by learning it alone without a teacher. Well, that’s right. But, have we ever thougt that to learn a knowledge we need someone’s help/ someone’s guidance which present directly with us? Well, this is important guys, read carefully. A knowledge is something important that has two sides, they are positive side and negative side. Here, the role of teacher is needed because he can determine the sides of a knowledge to his students. A learning and teaching process isn’t only about the material values, but also the moral values. For instance, the english science, if the student is smart in english, but he didn’t know the positive side of his smart in english or he didn’t get the moral values of learning english. He will be an arrogant person, he didn’t want to share his knowledge and he likes to use his ability to speak and write for negative purpose such as said dirty or mocking someone who doesn’t know about english. This is a fact. How damn that guy!

Therefore, this is what the meaning of the role of teacher. By his presence with us, he will give everything related to a knowledge, not only the material values, but also the moral values so that we can be a talented person that also has kind-hearted to other people. This is the real benefit of a knowledge.

Finally, from the reasons and sample above, we can conclude that a teacher is still needed in the future or indeed forever. Although the technology is so advanced, the touch of a teacher is should be given in learning and teaching process, because we will get great experience and also many things that we never get if we study or learn something without him. We love our teacher. Thank you for the attention.







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About sonbowkun

Hello. I am Soni Prabowo. I come from Lampung. Now, I continue my study in Yogyakarta at UMY. To know more about me, just meet me and we'll talk then .. :)



Hello. I am Soni Prabowo. I come from Lampung. Now, I continue my study in Yogyakarta at UMY. To know more about me, just meet me and we'll talk then .. :)

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