Summary of Juno (2007)

Juno is a comedy film that has a “coming of age” theme. The film is played by Juno Mac Guff (Ellen Page) as a teenager who is pregnant after having sex with her best friend Paulie Bleeker ( Michael Cera ).At first, Juno thought she was going to have an abortion, but eventually, she chose to adopt it to a husband and wife as foster parents for the baby. With the support of her parents and best friend, Juno finally lives as a pregnant woman at a young age.

Then, what is surprising here is how Juno’s parents responded to her pregnancy with a calm and emotionless nature. This may not be normal for us or our culture sees things like that, but there are traits we need to emulate, especially the patience of Juno’s parents because basically anger or emotion will never solve a problem.

The film directed by Jason Reitman presents a light but very meaningful teen story. This film raises events that often appear in the midst of people’s lives but are not addressed properly. Like the role of parents in overcoming juvenile delinquency.

Even though Juno decided to give birth to her baby, it didn’t mean that she would raise herself, she was still not ready for it. Therefore she chose to give her baby to someone else instead of killing him. All plans set by Juno look perfect. However, in the midst of her life journey that began to look smooth, various obstacles emerged which demanded her be more mature in making decisions. Starting from her friendship with Bleeker to the conflict that arose between Mark and Vanessa, a couple who would adopt their children later.

When Winter and Spring arrive, Juno’s pregnancy begins to appear, complications occur. While she and Bleeker remained in touch, but only as ordinary friends. Juno starts seeing go to Mark and Vanessa’s house to show them what happened after she got her first ultrasound. After that, the boundary between biological parents and adoptive parents starts when Juno and Mark start hanging out alone in Mark’s house, without Vanessa. According to her adoptive mother, what Juno did at Mark’s and Vanessa’s house was not true. After that, Mark and Vanessa’s household became chaotic.

The conflict that arose between Vanessa and Mark also explained the importance of communication in a married life. When differences in desire occur, it will be a dispute if you do not understand and respect each other.

In addition, another conflict arose when approaching her pregnancy, Juno learned that Bleeker took another girl for prom. This upset her and she cursed Bleeker for leaving him. On the other hand, Bleeker actually felt really heartbroken by Juno because he knew she was pregnant.

In this film, the author also raises different things such as, for normal humans to experience the phase of feeling love first and then doing reproduction, but not for the film Juno. She did the opposite, that is reproduced first and then feel love.

Juno’s story is a very simple storyline, but it is packaged in a different, interesting, fun and touching way. Not only that, in the film, there are also many moral messages that are conveyed, such as the meaning of maturity, how to make decisions, practice responsibility and others. Although Juno knows of a girl who was pregnant outside of marriage, it was not shown with a depression and sadness but was packed with a touch of comedy in it.

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