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Hello I am Sulistiowati

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Hello my name is Sulistiowati

I am student at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and I take English Education Department.
I am currently sitting in the third semester. I am 19 years old, my hobby are traveling ad reading.
I like travelling because the world is full of interesting people, beautiful landscapes, incredible food, amazing music, and different cultures, and life is more interesting when me make time to enjoy as much of it as I can! We are lucky enough to have the ability to access all of this relatively easily, it’s my  responsibility to travel as much as possible and learn from other cultures. Besides that, I love reading books, English books or Indonesian book. I like to read books on mystery and natural science. It also makes me more critical thinking in the lesson and make me became a imagination person, because when we are reading a mystery book, we have to imagination what’s happens with the case and Why did it happen and etc. And then, besides reading books  I love music and I also like to play musical instruments. Music makes me more focused and happy. I can appreciate my creativity in playing guitar, when I am sad or need entertainment I will play guitar and make me feel better.

There is the  pictures that show my books





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