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indonesian economy

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Lecture Susilo Nur Aji Cokro Darsono, S.E., M.R.D.M


1.Please let me know your experience in my field trip!


Experience at penang:


walked to the Indonesian Embassy in Penang Malaysia and held several meetings with the Indonesian Embassy in Penang and looked at the location there. We also discussed migrant workers / labor migrants or the workforce in malaysia especially in penang. There are many problems such as residence permit or visa. So many Indonesian workers come to Malaysia without passports and then become illegal visitors and that is the duty of the Embassy to help Indonesian citizens to stay in Malaysia legal.


human trafficking business became the first pioneer of illegal visitors to be sold as servants in malaysia. Why did it happen? Because so many people in Indonesia need work. So many unemployed in Indonesia and then sell themselves to be servants abroad to get a job. How can we cope? We can handle it by making more calls for work. As a government, they have to think about what Indonesia needs. Then give a good call to improve Indonesia’s economy.


I am proud to be able to come to USM because the campus is one of the old and good universities in Malaysia. We have a discussion about economic sharia with USM lectures. The main purpose of sharia economy is to seek God’s blessing and to avoid what god does not like, not solely for material gain. Economic activity in it is done solely for worship and dedication to God. It is based on the provision that in the hereafter all the deeds and deeds of human beings will be accountable. In addition to doing economic activities to worship will get more results than just the intention to seek treasure. With the intention to worship then we will get two things at once, treasures and gifts.

and the next trip is like Thailand and KL I learned about the culture of the country about how to appreciate the king, urban planning, cleanliness, how to manage the sights, how religious tolerance, how the government manages its citizens etc.



  1. Compare the economic conditions of the country you visit and our country!

There is a difference between the economic conditions of Indonesia and malaysia. We can see from the infrastructure first, why malaysia infrastructure can grow more rapidly than in Indonesia?

From this side we can not blame Indonesia and compare with our country for malaysia only has 30 million people and that number is same as number of west java and its territory only 1/2 from sumatra island. It should be more difficult to build infrastructure in Indonesia to pursue malaysia because we are in a rambling puilau and difficult access road so we lost.

From the Indonesian industrial sector is still less than malaysia. Malaysia can make the industrial sector better than Indonesia and such policies are priced at Rp. 3.5 billion is also able to improve the economy in malaysia and there people appreciate what work he is.

Malaysia always interferes in its commodity market policy, the Indonesian market is more liberal. Therefore, Indonesia’s economic condition becomes more unstable than Malaysia.


  1. Advise on improving our economic condition!

Based on the comparizm I wrote and I observed it myself. Indonesia should be more vigorous and active to build the infrastructure and what the president of jokowi’s father should we thumbs up for the development of Indonesia and increase tax amnesty that is not solely to raise funds for repatriation. This policy is expected to be a driver of national economic growth. with tax amnesty policy, Indonesia’s investment growth will move faster than in previous years.

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