Juno is a fim who takes the theme “pregnancy out of wedding”, but is packed with comedy and full of laughter, but it doesn’t show up with sadness. Starring a Canadian actress, Ellen Page (Juno MacGuff ) you will follow the adventures of a young girl who is pregnant out of wedlock but stays excited through her days full of laughter.

A 16-year-old girl named Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) must accept the reality that she was pregnant because of her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). At the age of two months, he did not know what to do. Previously, Juno never talked about his pregnancy to his family, only Bleeker himself and Leah (Olivia Thirlby) who became friends and friends to confide in. Juno then decided to abort the pregnancy. But, the decision changed completely when he was already in the abortion clinic. Juno then took the initiative to keep giving birth to his child and give it to people who were more in need.

Juno finally opened up about his pregnancy to his father (J.K. Simmons) and his stepmother, Brenda (Allison Janney). His parents responded to the problem faced by Juno calmly. In fact, they also agreed to his decision to give to a husband and wife who had been waiting for a child, Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner). What is the story of the next Juno and its relationship with Bleeker?

Although Juno tells of a girl who was pregnant out of wedlock at a young age, it was not displayed with depressive and protracted sadness, but was packed with a touch of comedy. From the colorful opening credit, it might be seen that this Juno will be presented with full cuteness, especially from the relationship between Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker. Both of them are not lovers, they are a pair of friends who both banded at school. Innocence and great curiosity for adolescents at their age causes the ‘stupid’ relationship to occur. Yes, Juno and Bleeker themselves did not know the consequences of the action. Even Juno doesn’t know the essence of containing a baby. Juno planned to abort him innocently even though he finally abandoned his intention.

I like how Juno’s parents respond to his pregnancy so calmly without having to be overcome by emotions. They even agreed to his decision to give the baby to someone in need. Maybe the story presented at Juno will be labeled ‘weird’ or ‘silly’ by most Indonesian people who are still taboo with the situation, related to ‘calm’ parents of Juno in responding to the problem. But believe that Juno’s parents are a very good example of how to deal with a problem of any size must be with a cold head. In essence, emotions will not solve anything. Do Juno’s parents feel ‘relaxed’ with their pregnancy? Of course not. But at least his parents knew what was best for Juno.

Initially, Juno seemed to really want to be separated from the baby he was carrying. Once he became acquainted with Mark and Vanessa, he began to believe that his baby was in the hands of the right person. He began to think of the best for his baby’s future, even though he did not have to care for him. After all, Juno still needs to enjoy many beautiful things in his youth. Between Juno and his baby, of course there is a kind of bond, which makes Juno love him so much and can’t just leave. But on the one hand, Juno still feels ‘heavy’ to raise himself at a young age. ‘It cannot be justified, nor can it be blamed ‘. Maybe that’s the right sentence for Juno who doesn’t know anything about intimate pre-marital relationships, but his ignorance makes it a new problem.

The normal human cycle is “love” then “reproduction”. But for Juno it is the opposite, “reproduction” then “love”. In the end Juno felt an unusual feeling  love for Bleeker. That is love, very irrational and comes suddenly. Yes, it could be that the baby in her womb is holding Juno and Bleeker’s hands and bringing them together. A young girl who gave birth to a beautiful and holy new life behind  a foolish deed. Juno knows the best for his baby, the baby knows the best for Juno. Sad but also funny what happened to Juno MacGuff.

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