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A dream is a sleeping flower. Dreaming about cockroaches sometimes experienced very strangely or absurd. But there are at least ten dreams most often experienced by people, and there is a hidden meaning behind them. Ever experience a dreamlike below? Ok, we find out the meaning of the dream that most often encountered as quoted from Your Tango.

1. Dreams are attacked or pursued
Dreams are attacked or sought most commonly and often experienced. Dreams being chased or even attacked by a person can mean that you are under stress because of a problem and try to avoid or get out of it.

2. Dreams disappear or trapped
Dreams suddenly disappearing or being trapped somewhere can mean that you are confused and feeling helpless. If you are dreaming of this, you may be feeling disappointed about something.

3. Car accidents or other transportation
The meaning of dreams of having a car accident or other vehicle is being able to show that you are out of control so you can not control it.

4. Natural disasters or human-caused disasters
Dreams experiencing natural disasters or disasters caused by human activities can be a sign that you are facing a serious problem. This dream also illustrates that you are having a personal problem that is difficult to resolve.

5. Fall
Dreams falling from high places are also most commonly experienced. This dream can be a sign that you are feeling insecure or helpless.

6. Dress weird in public
Getting a weird-dressed dream shows that you are experiencing vulnerability or experiencing a constant shame in your life.

7. Poor appearance
The meaning of a bad-looking dream in front of others is that you are getting a challenge in your life. Not only that this dream also illustrates that you are faced with a choice that dramatically affects your life. source

dreaming about cockroaches

dreaming of cockroaches

: www.dreamingofcockroacheshq.xyz

8. Loss of possessions owned
Dreaming of losing properties can show that something precious in your life is being threatened. This is a warning you should be more careful in doing something.

9. Loss of flight or departure by train
Dreaming of these events can be a sign that you are missing something in your life. It can also mean that you are worried about losing communication with the nearest person.

10. Dead, sick or injured
Among other dreams may be the most terrifying of these dreams. If you dream of this thing, it’s a sign that something in your life has gone or gone and is gone. The positive side of this dream is to make you realize and start a new life.

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