The Benefits of Video Abstract

The Benefits of Video Abstract

The world has entered a new era of scholarly articles thanks to the creation of the video abstract. We live in a world where academic journals have crossed path with digital video cameras to create something new and effective; the video abstract. Here are the top five benefits of video abstract and why you should consider using this medium.


1. Reach a Wider Audience

One of the first video abstracts to be published online was published to YouTube of all places in 2011. Barry Sanders and his colleagues were working to discover a workable qubit; the quantum equivalent of computer bits and the fabled building block of quantum computers. They published their work on YouTube, bringing it to the masses who were busy watching cat videos and Justin Bieber music videos. People who would never even consider reading a research paper were now able to explore a quantum physics lab and see for themselves what was happening there. Being able to quickly and easily reach a mass audience – one that would never have even known about you – is a major benefit of video abstracts.

2. More Engaging

One reason the masses don’t read scientific papers is that, quite simply, they aren’t engaging. A video abstract can use elements such as music and graphics to create something that gets the audience to listen, pay attention, and soak in the information. If you have something that you know people are going to want to hear, then why not make it fun for them to listen to? That’s what you can do with a video abstract.

3. Deliver Information Quickly

Another reason that people tend to avoid papers and thesis’ is that they simply don’t have the time. Everyone has a finite amount of time on this earth. So why would they spend ages reading a long paper full of technical terms they would need a dictionary to understand? A video abstract should be no longer than 10 minutes. It’s much easier to digest the information contained in one. They allow people to “read” a paper without having to actually read it. An abstract gives them the important details, and they can read the main paper if they need more.

4. Provide a Visual Aid

Many people are visual learners. They enjoy being able to see things unfold in front of them. Others just have trouble seeing things in their head when they read something. Video removes that barrier and allows you to create visual aids. Show people what you did and why it matters so much. “Show, don’t tell”, is the crux of a great video abstract. They provide a fantastic way to deliver information in a visual and engaging way.

5. For More than Just Scholarly Articles

A video abstract can be used for anything that a written abstract can. It’s for more than just scientific papers and articles. For example, a video abstract was used to explain how the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings was animated. If you have something that you want to explain, then a video abstract could be just what you need to get it done.

There are plenty of benefits to using a video abstract for your project. They deliver information quickly and easily to mass audiences and provide a simple way to explain complex concepts. You can check Abstract Tube here

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