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contoh surat lamaran kerja bhs indonesia dan Inggris-Dalam mendapat pekerjaan perlu adanya surat lamaran kerja. surat lamaran kerja akan diterima dengan baik apabila kita mengetahui tatacara dalam gaya penulisan yang baik dan benar. setelah apa yang saya dapat pada waktu mengikuti materi darul arqom yang berkenaan dengan job hunting atau bagaimana cara  kita dalam permulaan mendapatkan pekerjaan. sedikit menyingung tentang masalah tersebut kami selaku penulis akan memberikan contohnya seperti berikut yang diambil dari file yang ditulis ust sigit:


surat lamran kerjasurat lamaran kerja

jadi gambar diatas merupakan contoh surat lamaran kerja yang baik dan benar sesuai dengan kaidahnya dan untukmendownloadnya silakan disini dan jikalau dlm bentuk bhs inggris seperti dibawah ini:




Yogyakarta,January 30, 2007



Human Resources and Department



Dear Sir / Madam,


I am a technician graduate from Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta who successfully finish all of study subject in four year past one month with academic skills are good as shown from my GPA of 3.26 and also familiar with windows xp responding to your notice on Newspaper kompas, January 27, 2007 regarding your need for a production & engineering staff (P-ES). I believe my qualifications match this position’s requirements closely.

I have an experience as the marketing and trader in Millennium Penata Futures. My responsibilities include processing and prospecting to the customers to make the progress of my company and my self. Beside as a marketing in Millennium Penata Futures, i also have an experience in working part time in PUSDIKLAT MIGAS CEPU, maintenance and inspection of agglomeration oil tank sector. I am good in English both written and spoken which is partly the result of my participation in discussion in my campus. I have the leadership experience as the chief of Mechanic in Pertamina Enduro 4T Road Show Campus To Campus and also the Public Relations of the Mechanical Student Organization at faculty level.

I set high standards for my self and enjoy solving problems and tackling new challenges. I am a hard working person and have an ability to work in a team or individually.

Enclosed please find a copy of my resume, academic transcript, certificate of courses and a recent photograph. I’m eager to meet with you to discuss my ability to help your company. Thank your for your time and  consideration.



Topik Nugroho


Jl. Barokah No.413 A rt 04/rw 12

Kadipiro, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan Bantul

Yogyakarta 55282

HP       : 0818-0253-7035

E-mail  :






Topik Nugroho

Jl. Barokah No.413 A rt 04/rw 12

Kadipiro, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan Bantul

Yogyakarta 55282

HP : 0818-0253-7035

E-mail     :





Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta                                                                        20012006

S-1 degree in Mechanical Engineering. Achieved 3,26. Thesis The Influence of Fuel Variation to Performance of a 163 cc Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine, on GadjahMadaUniversity of Yogyakarta. Graduated on May 18th 2006.



Marketing and Trader In Millennium Penata Futures                                          June 2006

Become the part of the currency foreign trading company is claimed to have a big responsibilities to the company and the customers. The high standard of Millennium Penata Futures make the employee have to work hard to achieved the good result.

Finance Advisor in Prudential Life Assurance                                         June 2006

Finance Advisor in Prudential Life Assurance, Agency OfficeJakartafrom August until November 2006. Duties : The Agency Manager Assistant and also processing and prospecting are introduction of product  to the customers.

Part Time in PUSDIKLAT MIGAS CEPU                                               September 2006

As the technician I have a responsibility to give my idea to Pusdiklat Migas Cepu. It field Application training to the reability maintenance and inspection of agglomeration gas and oil tank.


1.   Autocad 2D/3D                                                                                           April 2003

Design and redesign are  the main activity of the Bachelor of  Mechanical Engineering.

2.   Operating and Programmer CNC (Computer Numerical Control            January 2004

Participated in training for Operating and Programmer CNC. Qualified on Fundamental of the CNC Machine, Hand Operational, Programming, CNC Lathe Machine TU 2A, CNC Milling Machine TU 3A


3.   American Corner Class and Discussion on Cross Cultural                       May 2005

Participated at American Corner Class a Conversation and Discussion on Cross Cultural Understanding (CCU) in the American Corner,UniversityofMuhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

4.   Operating of Windows and Microsoft Office Professional                   September 2005

Participated in computer course for Microsoft Office Professional Program. Qualified  on MS-WINDOWS, Word, Excel, Access, Front Page, Corel Draw, Internet Application, Adobe Photoshop and Power Point. Given on September 12th – October 7th inFasnetTrainingCenter of Information Technology Faculty of Engineering,GadjahMadaUniversity ofYogyakarta.



1.      PT. Suzuki Medan Jaya Group                                              April 2005

Applied maintenance and inspection to motor cycle.

2.      PT. Prudential Life Assurance                                             June 2006

Job Training in PT. Prudential Life Assurance Branch Office Jakarta. Applied concern on product and customer, presentation to customer.



1.      The Reability Maintenance and Inspection of Agglomeration

Gas and Oil Tank                                                              May 2006

Participated in training PT. HUMALIN Sentra Energy Leader in Human Resources

Development,Yogyakarta. Applied The Reability Maintenance and Inspection of Agglomeration Gas and Oil Tank.

2.      English for Active Communication                                               April 2006

Basic level on The English for Active Communication ELTI Branch Office Yogyakarta. Good ability on speak English oral and written.

3.      The Valves Coating and Repairing                                              November 2006

Participated in training PT. HUMALIN Sentra Energy Leader in Human Resources Development,Yogyakarta. Applied Valves Coating and Repairing.





Yogyakarta,January 30, 2007




          Topik Nugroho


kalau mau download silakan download di sini dan jngan lupa dukung kontes seo kami di Surat lamaran kerja

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