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This is for the first time that I write down my blog. Later I’ll share with you guys my experience and point of you how to be a great human being. First thing first in sya allah once a week I post my blog which is at the weekend. To be honest I’m tryna write down it in English cause’ I needa improve my English skills. I do passionate in English even though my skill ain’t as good as my other friend at all. Well, let’s get started for my first fu**ing experience.

I graduated from high school in 2016. Obviously I prepared as well as others to get collage. I’ve tested for more than about nine or eight selections for the public university. Badly all of the universities rejected me. I decided I wouldn’t get college at that time in short. FYI dude, if you’re in 12th grade there are few ways to get public university which are SNNMPTN, SBMPTN, SPANPTKIN, PMDK-Politeknik, Sekolah Ikatan Dinas, UM for all of the university except ITB if I ain’t mistaken. I hope you guys getting it easily.

I realized I had the privilege of my school to apply to the Indonesia University of Education or UPI Bandung. It was such a big honor for me, but I tended to talk down it. Why so? I had to choose the Indonesian education department that I didn’t passionate about it anymore. I was thinking I didn’t want to be a teacher who came to the class for teaching so many children and doing repetition things all day long after that I had to process their exam score for the final semester, but I didn’t make money so much. I do sorry I didn’t mean to underestimate all of the teachers in the entire world. I appreciated for you my beloved teacher who had high-minded.

There was a reason why I had that privilege was. In 2014 and 2015 I won Indonesia Debate Competition in the region and province-level that’s why my school gave it to me. Further, I delegated to National Indonesian Debate Competition in Ambon, Maluku. It was my first-time flight because I had not flown already before. I met so many intelligent students there.

Anyway, I think It’s enough for me to flashback. Well, in a stubborn way I said NO to get college there I mean in UPI. I thought I would pass the test for my public university. It turned out I lost my chance to study. It meant I was gap-year. In September 2016 I went to Kampung Inggris Pare or English Village Kediri Jawa Timur. I studied there for about four months. As time goes on I buried my tear that I couldn’t get collage. I tried to open my mind when it was in a hard situation. I switched my point of you that failure didn’t mean always to fail. Take a look at the other side. There’s always an extraordinary experience. I went to Bojonegoro Jawa Timur for a week freely without living costs. I taught English only and the bonus I had friends there.

Last but not least I couldn’t have proper English if I directly get collage at that time because of focusing on my lecture. Here I am. Let’s turn a new leaf DUDE so many ways to go to Rome. You’re the best by nature.

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Accounting Student at Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Passionate in public sector accounting and islamic accounting. A chairman at GESFID FEB UMY which concern in economy research. Presenter for Asean Youth Conference Malaysia 2018 and Delegate for Future leader Summit 2019

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  1. Successful for you dude. It’s good experience for us. To being a good people in this world. To change the world into the new world. Keep fighting and don’t give up to inpiring each other. God bless you!

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