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As we know in this era technology is growing very fast and of course it has given the influence in everything no exception is also in cultural. If we talk about cultural, cultural is a way of life that developed and owned by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation. In another definition cultural is a structural of the way of human life that as identity and typical for human life itself and people use it as escort how to be and how to do. So, what is the relationship between technology on cultural and what the negative impact of the presence of technology?

Technology created by humans to be able to meet the needs as human beings themselves, but in the subsequent development of these technologies would be misused. For example via the internet or virtual world technology people will more easily access the porn sites that actually came from young people, this is certainly a shift in norms immoral in these young lives. It became an example of the many examples that exist in daily life of society.

Another negative impact of technology is in the military, dozens of kinds of weapons designed to kill humans, where the flight of a culture of mutual help, respect for fellow human beings if the technology that created it used to kill the man himself. The freshest in our memories of course, cases of abduction and rape committed by a student some time ago which was carried out after initially met through an online social networking technology media Facebook. That way people can easily access the information themselves and spread to other friends, the consequences of prostitution can be made ​​through this virtual world which is precisely the effect of modern technological developments. And there are many more examples of how developments in technology so sophisticated that it misused resulting in the shifting cultural values ​​of mankind itself.

From the explanation above we can conclude that the presence of technology has very much negative impact that has given the bad influence on cultural. Therefore, we must be able to use the technology wisely and try to keep the cultural values. For the last, actually not the technology that has damaged the cultural, but human who uses technology that is already destructive the culture.

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Muhammad Ulinnuha

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