Contoh Surat Kuasa

  REFERENSI   20 Desember 2011

SURAT KUASA     Yang bertanda tangan dibawah ini 1.         N  a  m  a                                 : U  m  u  r                                  :            tahun. Pekerjaan                                : A l a m a t                                 : Agama                                      :           Islam Selanjutnya dalam hal ini disebut Pihak Pertama,   N  a  m  a                                 :           Evita Isnawati U  m  u  r                                  : [Selengkapnya…]


  BKKBN   20 Desember 2011

What PIK – KRR? Activity of KRR is a container-managed program of, by and for teens gana provide information and counseling on reproductive health as well as other supporting activities. PIK-KRR Why? Because the PIK-strategic KRR to: Intervening two promotive factors at once: 1. Asset: Teenagers on the Triad PSP KRR and life skills; 2. [Selengkapnya…]

Contoh Anggaran Dasar

  REFERENSI   20 Desember 2011

WANALA GREEN SMANTA (WGS) SMA N 3 KAB.TEBO Nomor : 19.-   Pada hari ini, senin, tanggal 18-07-2011 (delapan belas juli dua ribu sebelas), pukul 16.00 WIB (enam belas waktu indonesia bagian barat).- menghadap kepada saya, SUPRIDARSONO S.PD M.SI kepala sekolah sma n 3 kab.tebo, di tebo dengan di hadiri oleh para anggota WANALA GREEN [Selengkapnya…]


  ISLAMIC CENTER, REFERENSI   20 Desember 2011

IBRAHIM   MUTAFARRIKA  In the 17th century Ottoman Empire suffered many defeats in the war against the state-neragar Europe. The army sent to conquer Vienna defeated (1683) and the Agreement Carlowitz (1699) makes the Ottoman Empire was forced to surrender Hungary to Austria, Podolia to Poland and Azov to the Russians. Defeat after defeat suffered by [Selengkapnya…]

Islam di Afganistan

  ISLAMIC CENTER   20 Desember 2011

Growth in the number of Muslims in the world, so fast lately, Islam spread to all corners of the world and thrive in different continents. Islam was born in the 7th century AD in the West Asia region, precisely in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. From the holy city of Mecca, Islam spread [Selengkapnya…]

Boy band

  YOUNG   20 Desember 2011

In this article, I will discuss about the boy band Indonesia. Boy band is a collection of two or more men or women who are members of a group of singing and dancing together. I, do not discuss the origins and history of the boy band Indonesia, but the boy band that is currently hot [Selengkapnya…]

Mengusap muka dengan kedua tangan setelah berdo’a

  ISLAMIC CENTER, REFERENSI   20 Desember 2011

Introduction. Often we see among our brethren when it has finished praying, and then they wiped their faces with the palms of his hands. Those who do so, there are arguments already know, but they do not know the degree of the argument. Whether it comes from the Prophet’s legitimate shallallau ‘alaihi wa sallam or [Selengkapnya…]

Contoh Kata Pengantar

  REFERENSI   20 Desember 2011

KATA PENGANTAR بسم الله الر حمن الر حيم الحمد للهرب العا لمين . والصلا ة والسلا م على أش فالأ نبياء والمرسلين محمد وعلى اله وصحبه أجمعين و من تبعهم بإ حسا ن إلي يو م الد ين   Puji Syukur kami panjatkan ke-hadirat Allah SWT, karena atas berkat rahmat dan karuniaNyalah, karya ilmiah ini [Selengkapnya…]

Muhammadiyah Masa – Masa Awal

  ISLAMIC CENTER, Muhammadiyah   20 Desember 2011

بسم الله الر حمن الر حيم ألجمعا محمديه يكيا كرتا Muhammadiyah The Early Period Muhammadiyah was born in the middle of syncretic Javanese culture. Perhaps because of the non-political character, both the Dutch and the sultanate of Yogyakarta, did not seem too suspicious of this puritanical Islamic movement. In other words, the Muhammadiyah movement is [Selengkapnya…]

Saat Belajar Bahasa Arab

  UMY, UNIVERSITAS   20 Desember 2011

Now the Arabic language is the language used by most inhabitants of the earth, especially Muslims. But did not rule out people who are not Islamic to use the Arabic language. Some people think that the Arabic language is used for people who are Islamic. That is wrong, in fact, the Arabic language is a [Selengkapnya…]

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