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“no day without writing”

Posted by wahyu budi nugroho 6 Comments

No day without writing, this is the sentence that we must cultivate in ourselves each. Writing is an activity that is beneficial to us all. By writing we can pour all the thoughts that exist in our minds, the knowledge that we can, or other things that would be useful if we write.

Writing can be done on a legal pad, diary, agenda, blogs, web, and others. As I enjoy doing now is writing a blog. It begins sbuah course on the 5th semester IT’2 Media-Based Learning. “In following this course all students are required to have a blog, because I went to the blog too UMY is UMY blog. With the creation of this blog is expected to be a medium of learning for all students, so that all students will be able to write something that will be shared by the blog, create a post is the language …

From the beginning I was very enthusiastic about taking this course, because then I can write all the things that is certainly useful to share it with anyone in the past UMY blog. I admit to writing a diary, agenda or my others are pretty lazy, but not for subjects low,, if ya keep the spirit subjects to write, especially when writing on this blog. I instill in “No Day Without Writing”, it’s encouraged me to continue writing and working on the blog UMY. Hopefully literary texts that I make / post it useful for you all who read it.


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wahyu budi nugroho

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