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the decline in the Qur’an (papers)

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The Qur’an was revealed to Prophet kalamullah our great Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. When Al-Quran down to the Prophet SAW, he told his companions slowly so that they memorize wording, and be able to understand its meaning. Prophet Muhammad SAW, very considerate in memorizing (maintain) the Qur’an and in the codes. The Qur’an can only be fully appreciated in Arabic. Al-Quran is a religious document contains statements about the beliefs and practices of early Muslims were basic, but not doctrine described fully and systematically. Al-Quran is a sacred legal document that consists of rules about marriage, divorce, food, financial, booty, revenge (Qisas), agreements, wills, inheritance, and so on, although it seems it contains inconsistencies and legal codes provided, performed incomplete and unsystematic. Individual rules seem otherwise from time to time with the existing needs, and to some of the rules that preceded naskh.
Allah revealed the Qur’an not as well as the books that we know, but little by little, gradually, or because there is a secret wisdom contained therein. Revelation was revealed at every event or incident, so that the Muslims bertetap their hearts, do not feel tired and he often visited by the angel Gabriel to build excitement and gladness. Thus the Prophet always feel happy for her. For people who ummi be easier ways memorize and understand. Qur’an was revealed gradually in a period of 22 years 2 months 22 days. Revelation which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the medium of the Angel Gabriel is gradually, bit by bit. Sometimes dropped only consists of a few verses, and sometimes consisted of a few verses, five to ten verses even with only one verse. But there is also a very down consists of one full letter is made up of several short letters, such as Surat Al-Fatihah, Surah Al-Ikhlas, Al-Alaq, and so on.
Therefore, it is not strange that the Qur’an, as what we have heard, has been memorized by a large number of friends. Because one of the lessons the Qur’an was revealed gradually in the judgment of the author is to be more easily memorized or understood by the people of the Prophet Muhammad in the future.


A. Understanding Qur’an Nuzulul
Term decline in the Qur’an comes from nazala, yanzilu nazlan which means down. While Nuzulul Qur’an is the decline of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad in the cave of Hira. The fall in the Qur’an from top to bottom show the position of the height of the Qur’an. Al-Qur’an by the commentators is the word of Allah to Prophet Muhammad diurunkan the mutawatir (beransur-ansur). Meanwhile, according to the jurist is the word of God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, a miracle of the Prophet, the mutawatir wording written in the Mushaf Al-Qur’an Al-Fatiha begins and ends with the letter of An-Naas. Al-Qur’an to bring change to people on earth, and as for humans putunjuk into the light of faith and Islam.
There Nuzulul Qur’an during Ramadan because Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says, which means, “The month of Ramadan, the month in which the derived (beginning) of the Qur’an” (Al-Baqarah: 185). And Allah says, which means, “Verily, We have it down (Al-Qur’an) on the Night of Power” (Al-Qadr: 1). As we understand, that Lailatul Qadr in Ramadan there is a night that is meant in the Word of God, which means: “Verily, We have it down on a blessed night and We the one who gave the warning” (Ad-Dukhan: 3).
Allah revealed the Quran to the Prophet AL Muhammad SAW to guide humanity. The fall in the Qur’an is a great event that also claimed his position for the sky and bumi.Turunnya Al Quran the first time on the night of Tatyana qodar a notice to people who inhabited the heavenly angels of the glory of the people of this Muhammad.Umat glorify GOD in with his new treatise so the people that are best spent on the manusia.Rosulullah not accept this great treatise by way at once, and his people were a proud and stubborn to surrender to him. Was a revelation down gradually – gradually by encouraging and cheer relefan Prophet with the events and the events that accompany until Allah perfected this religion and this religion suffice.

B. Processes fall of Al-Quran
Fall of the Holy Qur’an was first on the night of Qadr Tatyana is a notice on the heavenly realm inhabited by the angels of the glory of the people of Muhammad. This race has been glorified by God with his new treatise in order to become the best people for the men released. Fall in the Qur’an’s second coming gradually, unlike the books down earlier, surprising people and raise doubts about it before it was clear to them the secrets of the divine wisdom behind it. Prophet did not accept this great treatise by way at once, and kaumnyapun arrogant and stubborn to surrender to him or her. Was the revelation that down gradually by encouraging and cheer Apostle relevant events and accompanying events until Allah perfected this religion and living on His blessings.

Ø fall of the Qur’an at a Time

Allah says in His Book,
“The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an diturnkanya yaang a guidance for mankind, and contains explanations for clues, as well as the difference between right and bathil” {Al-Baqarah: 185}
And His Word
“We have indeed lowered [Al-Qu’an] on the night of Qadr Tatyana” {Al-Qadar: 1}
The verse above is not contradictory, because the blessed night in the month of Ramadan it is Lailatul Qadr. But Zahir verses as opposed to the reality of the life of the Prophet, where the Qur’an came down to him for twenty-three years. In this case the scholars divided the two principal schools of thought:

1. The first schools
Opinions Ibn Abbas and a number of ulama, that “is the fall of the Qur’an in the second paragraph above is the fall of the Qur’an as well as to the Baitul ‘Izzah in the sky world to show His angels that how big this problem. Furthermore, the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, in stages over twenty three years in accordance with events accompanying events since he was sent to his death. For thirteen years he lived dimekkah, and during which the revelation came down to him. After the move he lived for ten years dimadinah. He died at the age of sixty-three years of these opinions are based on authentic narrations from ibn abbas. Among others:
a. Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas, he said: “Al-Qur’an was separated from the Adh-Dhikr, then placed in the Baitul Izzah in the sky world. Gabriel then began to lower it to the prophet Muhammad. ”
b. Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas, he said,
“Allah revealed the Qur’an as well as the sky world, the center of the Qur’an and fall gradually. Then God down to His Messenger, section by section.
c. According to Ibn Abbas, “Al-Qur’an was revealed at Tatyana Qadr in Ramadan sky world as well. Then he diturnkan gradually. ”

2. Secondary schools
That narrated that Ash-sya’bi is the fall of the Qur’an in the second paragraph above is the beginning of the fall of the Qur’an began to Tatyana Qadr in Ramadan, which is a blessed night. Thereafter a gradual fall in accordance with the accompanying events for more than twenty-three years. Thus the Qur’an is only one kind of the way down, which fell gradually to Prophet Muhammad, because such is stated in the Qur’an,
“And we have the Qur’an down gradually so you membacakanya slowly to humans and we menurunkanya part by part” {Al-Isra: 106}
The researchers explained that the Prophet Muhammad was initially notified in kelahirnya dream, the month Rabiul Awal. His time of six months. Then he was given a revelation in the waking state in the month of Ramadan with the fall of Iqra. Thus, the earlier texts that show an understanding.

3. Three schools
Qur’an was revealed to the world of the twenty-three nights of glory (Lailatul Qadr), which in every night for the nights of glory that was ordained by God to be derived on every year. And the amount for a period of one year was then lowered gradually to the Prophet during the year. Schools are partly the result of ijtihad interpreter. This argument has no arguments.
Strong opinion is, Al-Qur’an al-karim was revealed two times:
first; diturnkan Lailatul Qadr once at the Baitul Izzah in the sky world.
Second, ditunkan world from the sky to the earth gradually over the past two-three years.

Imam Al-Qurtubi quoting Ibn Hayyan Muqatil history of the existence of consensus will fall in the Qur’an as well as from Lauhil Mahfouz to Baitul Izzah in the sky world. Ibn Abbas deny the contradiction between the verse above regarding the fall of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad a fact of life. The Qur’an was indeed down for twenty-three years in the months other than Ramadan. It was narrated from Ibn Abbas, he was never in question by Athiyah bin Al-Aswad, he says, ‘In case of doubt in my mind about the word of God, it’s the month of Ramadan is the month in which the revelation of the Qur’an, and the word of God, “we actually menurunkanya on ( Tatyana Qadr night). “Whereas the Qur’an there are ditunkan in syawaal, Qa` dah, Dhu al-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, and Rabiul Awal. “Ibn Abbas said,” Al-Qur’an Lailatul Qadr was revealed at once. Then lowered gradually, piecemeal and fragmented and slowly throughout the month and day.

4. Four schools
There are also some scholars who believe that the Qur’an first down gradually to lawh Mahfudz by the word of God Almighty, “is nothing but it is a glorious Quran, in Lauhil Mahfouz.” …. . then after that he fell down daqri Lauhil Mahfudz simultaneously such that the Baitul Mahfudz, hereinafter, it fell little by little, so it means down in three stages.
And this does not conflict with a previously in tarjihkan. How was the Qur’an Karim was already in lauhil Mahfudz include all supernatural matters that have been defined therein. And the Qur’an down sekalgus of lauhil Mahfudz to Baitul Izzah from the sky world as Ibn abbas-on Tatyana Qadr, the night the blessed month of Ramadan. Therefore, nothing prevents fall of the Qur’an all at once, starting from the fall of the Prophet Muhammad in berangusr slowly on one night. Thus there is no conflict of varying opinions if excluded three schools to which there is no argument.

Ø fall of Al-Quran In Staged
Allah says:
“And the Qur’an is actually scaled by Allah the Lord of the Universe: he was brought down by the ar-ruhul amin (Gabriel) into your heart (Muhammad) so that you become the one who gave the warning; with a clear Arabic . ”
{Ash-Syu’ara ‘: 192-195}.

“And if you’re still in doubt about the Quran which we reveal unto Our slave (Muhammad), then make it that such a letter to al-Qur’ann that {Al-Baqarah: 23}
Explanation of above explained, that the Qur’an is the word of God by Arabic-speaking wording. Gabriel has been dropped into the heart of the Prophet. What is meant here is not the fall of it first time into the sky and fall of the world, but the fall of the Qur’an in stages. Therefore expressions tanzil words in the verses above is not inzal. It menunujukan that the fall of the Qur’an in stages and gradually.
Al-Qur’an down gradually over the past two-three years. thirteen years in Mecca strong opinion, and ten years dimadinah.

C. Al-Quran down on the night of Lailatul Qadr is not Night ‘Nuzulul Quran’ Ramadan 17

As he entered the night 17th in the month of Ramadan, some Muslims and mosques started warning downs held the Koran was first called the night warning Nuzulul Quran. It is also ‘impressed’ boosted by a footnote in “al-Quran and Terjemahnya” adh-mail Dhukhan paragraph 3.

إنآ أنزلناه في ليلة مباركة إنا كنا منذرين

“Surely we down on a blessed night and is We who give warning.”

Tonight is the night the blessed Koran was first revealed. in Indonesia are generally considered to fall on the 17th of Ramadan. This belief is contrary to the word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa Surat al-Qadr in the first paragraph:
إ نآ أنزلنه فى ليلة القدر
“Surely we been down (Al Quran) in the Night of Power.”
Night of glory known in the Indonesian language with night Lailatul Qadr is a night of glory, greatness, because at night it was the beginning of fall in the Koran.
The verse above clearly that Al-Quran was revealed on the night of glory (Lailatul Qadr) and also seems clear that the footnote to the paragraph above in the “Al-Quran and Terjemahnya” also explained that the decline in the beginning of the night the Quran was on this evening. Now the question, when the night Lailatul Qadr, the night in which the Qur’an was down? is it true that on the 17th of Ramadan as it had been by most Indonesian Muslims commemorate? Prophet shallahu’alaihi wa sallam never preach to us about the coming night when Lailatul Qadar. He once said:
“Seek Laylat al Qadr night in the (odd nights) in the last 10 days of Ramadan” (Bukhari Hadith History 4/225 and Muslim 1169)
He shallahu’alaihi wa sallam also said:
“Try to look at the last ten days, if you are weaker or less fit, then do not let you off guard at the last seven days” (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim)
Thus it is clear that the Lailatul Qadr occurs in the last ten nights of Ramadan are the odd nights of 21, 23, 25, 27 or 29. So gugurlah belief that some Muslims claim that the Quran downs the first time on the 17th of Ramadan. If there is an argument, “On 17 Ramadan is the decline in the first verse of the Koran to the Prophet to the world wa sallam shallallahu’alaihi the letter al-‘Alaq verses 1-5, while Laylat al-Qadr in the letter al-Qadr is the decline Quran entirely from Lawh Mahfouz to Baitul Izzah in the sky world!? ‘. The answer is: Yes, the decline in al-Quran is the Lailatul Qadr as set out in the letter of al-Qadr is the decline of the Qur’an from Lawh Mahfouz to Baitul Izzah in the lowest heaven, and then al-Quran was revealed in stages over 23 years. As the words of Ibn Abbas and the other radliyallahu’anhu when interpreting QS. Ad-Dukhon paragraph 3:
“Allah revealed the Qur’an as well as from lawh Mahfouz to Baitul Izzah (the glory) of God in the sky world then lowered gradually in accordance with the various events during the 23 years of the Prophet shallallahu’alaihi wa sallam.” (Tafseer Ibn Katheer, 8/441 )
But does this make him the true decline in the first verse of the opinion that (Surat al-‘Alaq: 1-5) to the Prophet shallallahu’alaihi wa sallam is 17 Ramadan?? let us refer to the discussion below.
Opinion Shafiyyurrahman good sheikh al-Mubarokfury in the Book Sirohnya about when early starters revelation. In the book siroh him, he explained that there is a difference of opinion among historians about when the beginning of the revelation, namely the decline of Al-Alaq: 1-5. He strengthens opinions expressed on 21. He said:
“We reinforce that opinion stated on December 21, though we did not see anyone who corroborate this opinion. For every expert biographies or at least the majority of them agreed that he was appointed as the Apostle on Monday, this was confirmed by the history of the priests hadith, Abu Qotadah radliyallahu’anhu, that the Messenger shallallahu’alaihi wa sallam was asked about fasting the day Monday. So he said, “On this day I was born, and on this day also dropped revelation (the first one) to me.” In other lafadz stated, “That day I was born and on that day I also sent an Apostle or down revelation to me”. See Saheeh Muslim 1/368; Ahmad 5/299, 4/286-300 Al-Bayhaqi, Al-Hakim 2/602.

Monday of the month of Ramadan in the year it was celebrated on 7, 14, 21, and 28. Some of the authentic history has shown that Lailatul qodar not fall except on the odd nights in the last ten days of Ramadan. So if we compare the words of Allah, “Verily, We have it down (Al-Quran) on Lailatul qodar”, with a history of Abu Qotadah, that he sent him as an Apostle fell on Monday, and based on scientific research about the fall on Monday of the month of Ramadan in the year it, then it is clear to us that he sent his apostles fell on the night of the 21 of the month of Ramadan. (See the book by Shaykh Shafiyyurrahman Siroh Nabawiyyah Mubarokfury Bab al-Under Shade Nubuwah, p. 58 libraries al-Kauthar).
So it is clear that the opinion of the Koran down when both the Koran down from Baitul Izzah to the sky world or the world from the sky to the Prophet two are complementary, and not going on 17 Ramadan. Wallahu’alam.
That can be gleaned from the above discussion are:
Al-Quran was revealed on the night of Qadr Tatyana not known at night with night ‘Nuzulul Quran’ which coincide on the 17th of Ramadan. More specifically that of the revelation to the Prophet’s first shalallallahu’alaihi wa sallam is 21 Ramadan, like sheikhs Shafiyyurahman opinion. Warning Nuzulul Quran Ramadan with dhikr 17 specific and particular forms of recitation is a form of warning that there is never a foundation of al-Quran and Hadith Prophet shallahu’alaihi wa sallam, thus including in the case of heresy. Lailatul Qadr occurs in the last ten odd nights of Ramadan month. Warning Tatyana Qadr on the evening of 27 Ramadan (or any other odd nights) with a special recitation is also a bid’ah because the Prophet shallahu’alaihi wa sallam warned but he never wa sallam shallahu’alahi animate the evening with prayer qiyamul Lail and reproduce. Appeal to the person in charge “of al-Quran and Terjemahnya” to set the record straight-leg or takwil takwil of verses of the Koran which are only assumptions that do not postulate or even interpretation / takwil a false.

D. Lessons fall of Al-Quran In Staged

1. Upholding Heart Prophet
Rasululloh has delivered his message to man, but he faces the people who have the attitude and character that is so hard. He was challenged by orangt stone-hearted people, behave rude and stubborn. They always interfere with a variety of disorders and violence. And with the heart that he would like to write any good to them, so in this case Allah says:
“So (if) you’re probably going to kill you for it grieves after they turn, If only they did not believe this explanation (Al-Quran)” (Surat al-Kahf: 6).
Revelation down to Rasululloh from time to time so as to strengthen his heart to the truth and strengthen azamnya to keep foot on the street preaching without taking care about the treatment of ignorant he faced from his own people, for it only in the summer fog that soon disappeared.

2. Challenges and Miracles
Why Al Quran was not revealed all at once? That is, every problem and every time they come to you with something odd that they asked the Qur’an as well as fall, we gave you what the legitimacy bagipu in accordance with our policies, has a more assertive role in their melemahan, with lowered al quran verses gradually over time. Such wisdom has also been intimated by some narrations in hadith ibn abbas on downs AL Quran, When people – people musyik bring something matters, then God immediately gave up their response.
People – Pagans always in kesesatan.Mereka frequently asked questions with the intention of undermining and challenging, to test prophetic Muhammad, filed a vanity thing and it does not make sense, such as asking the Day of Resurrection, “they ask thee about the Hour” (AL – A’rof; 187), wish to hasten torment <“And they ask you to order it in seherakan torment” (AL – Hajj: 47) then came down the Qur’an to explain to them the truth and answers to their questions very firmly that for example the word Allah swt:
“And the people – who disbelieve it does not come to you with something funny but we bring to you what is right and best for an explanation (AL – Furqan: 33)”
That is, every time they come to you with something odd, but we bring to you what is right and best explanation.

3. Facilitate memorizing and understanding
Al Quran karim down in the middle – the middle of the ummi people, who are not good at reading and writing. Yang into their records are rote and memory. They do not have any knowledge of writing and accounting procedures that can enable them to write an munuliskan and then memorize and understand it.
“He sent to a people who ummi a Prophet who came between them, which menbaca verses – the verse to them, purify them and teach them the Book and wisdom. Fact correct them before – really, in manifest error,” (AL-Jumu ‘ah: 02)
It is clear that the gradual decline in the Quran gradually it is a relief for them to understand the verses menghafak and tersebut.Setiap times down one or several verses, [fig friend immediately menghafaknya, ponder their meaning and learn the law – the law. The tradition thus becomes a method in the lives tabi’in pengjaran.
Also narrated from Umar said “learn al quran verses that five-five verses, because Gabriel lowers AL – Qur’an to the prophet also five paragraph – five verses.

4. Relevant to the event, and phasing in Penetapam Law
Humans will not be easy to follow and submit to the new religion, if AL Quran does not provide proven strategies to reconstruct the damage and less dignity mereka.Setiap time event occurred in the middle – the middle of them, then went down the law about the incident that gives clarity status, guiding them and lay the foundation – the basis of legislation – an invitation to them, according to the circumstances. Such a therapy is efficacious for their hearts.
At first AL Quran lays the foundation – the basis of God’s angels angels keimana the Prophet – rosulnya and the Day of Judgment, and what was on the day it was like a resurrection, reckoning, reply, heaven and hell. AL Quran explains the rules of halal and haram principles underlying religion in terms of food. Beverages property, kehorn = matan and nyawa.Setelah in syariatkan to their religious duties and obligations pillars of islam pillars that make their hearts filled with imn. Sincere to Allah and menyambah only to Him, not associating him. AL Quran also down according to the events that happened to the Muslims in the long struggle to raise the sentence Allah.Untuk terms of things like that, texts – texts AL Quran down, when we examine the verses makiyah and madaniyahnya, as well as the rules of law rules.
For example in makkah prayers in syariatkan as well as the general principles of the zakat arrives accompany usury problem,:
“So give to the nearest relative of their rights to the poor and those on the way, that’s the most good for people – those who seek the pleasure of Allah dab them that those people who are lucky, Dan Riba you give it so he increased the human property, it really does not add on the side of charity Allah.Tetapi you exert in order achieve the pleasure of Allah that they would bertambah.Dan that people – people who multiplies (the reward). “(AL-Rum :38-39).

5. Wisdom Five: Without Doubt that AL AL ​​Quran Karim Descended from the the All-Wise and Praiseworthy
AL Quran down gradually – gradually to Prophet Muhammad SAW in more than twenty years, the verses – the verse down in time – time, people – people read it and review it letter by letter. When they get the circuit are arranged meticulously with the intertwined meanings, editorial style that is so thorough, verse by verse letter after letter interwoven strands how beautiful that has never been unrivaled in human words.
In AL Quran lessons gradual decline that we saw an berfaidah method for us to apply these two principles are as we mentioned tadi.Sebab fall AL Quran has given the changes in the education of Muslims increases gradually and it is natural to fix the human soul , rectifying behavior, personality and perfect form of existence that the soul grows kokohdi Pilat – solid pillar and bring forth good fruit for the good of all mankind to fall Allah.Pertahapan iziz AL Quran it is the best help for the human soul in an attempt to memorize AL Quran. understand, learn, think of the meaning – the meaning and practice what is in kandungnya.Di between verses – AL Quran verses which dropped the first time found a command to read and learn with stationery (Iqro), which means:
“Read in the name of your Lord who created man from menciptakan.Dia darah.Bacalah wad, and your Lord is the Most bountiful who teach people with intermediate kalam ‘(LAQ AL-A :1-5)
Similarly in the fall of verses about riba and heritage in problem assets, or decrease paragraph – paragraph about the battle to sharply distinguish between Islam and kemusrikan. Among these are the stages – stages of education have various ways to suit the level of development of the Islamic community, the strong and weak conditions tangguh.Bigitu well as textbooks. study materials are not systematic, not phased in the presentation of knowledge from the easy to the more difficult, than the bersial to a comprehensive, irrelevant, and the style of language is not clear and not easy to understand, this book will not make students enjoy the reading, the students finally can not take any benefit from it.
Divine guidance about the wisdom of a gradual decline in AL Quran is the best example in developing teaching curriculum, selecting methods, and compiling textbooks.



• Conclusion

From the above discussion it can be concluded that:

1. The Qur’an was revealed to Prophet kalamullah our great Prophet Muhammad, through the Angel Gabriel.
2. Allah revealed the Qur’an not as well as the books that we know, but little by little, gradually, or because there is a secret wisdom contained therein.
3. Nuzul Qur’an is the decline in the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The fall in the Qur’an from top to bottom show the position of the height of the Qur’an
4. Al-Quran down on the night of Lailatul Qadr is not Night ‘Nuzulul Quran’ Ramadan 17.
5. Divine guidance about the wisdom of a gradual decline in AL Quran is the best example in developing teaching curriculum, selecting methods, and compiling textbooks.

Papers compiled by us is of course there are many shortcomings in it, and therefore criticism and suggestions from Mr. Lecturer Drs. Dwi Santoso, M. Pd. and friends are we expected. So that later on in the preparation of the next paper would be better.




• Ustadz Aunur Rofiq. Nuzulul Quran in Ramadan. Magazine al-Furqan Issue 84, th 8th 1429/2008
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• Al-Quran and Terjemahnya


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