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Today is very hot. After Arabic class, I go to FAI garden for wait English class at 11 am. Here, I am lonely. Suddenly, a friend say hello to me and we talk. She is my new friend in the same class.

Dita        : “Hi, morning.”

Ani         : “Morning. How are you?”

Dita        : “I am fine. And what about you?”

Ani         : “I am fine too. Thank you.”

Dita        : “Nice to meet you.”

Ani         : “Nice to meet you too.”

Dita        : “I think you are my friend in the same class, aren’t you?”

Ani         : “Yes, I am. I’m sorry because I don’t know you.”

Dita        : “No matter. I’m Ardita. But you can call me Dita.

What your name?”

Ani         : “I’m Wahyu Prastiyani. And you can call me Ani. I’m from Kudus, Central Java. Here, I stay in Mlati.

Where do you come from?”

Dita        : “I’m from Nangabulik, East Kalimantan. Here, I stay in the boarding-house at Jln. Babaran gang 6.

Ani, would you like to company me to eat? I’m very hungry because in the morning I haven’t breakfast.”

Ani         : “No problem. I also hungry.”

Dita        : “Thank you. Now, let’s we go to cantin.”


We walk to cantin. And then, we choose nice place and order some food.

Ani         : “What food that you want to order, Dita?”

Dita        : “How do you feel about fried rice?”

Ani         : “Well, to be honest, I don’t really like it. I think my fried rice is more delicious than in the cantin.

What about pecel? Do you know pecel?”

Dita        : “Yes, I know. But I don’t like some of vegetables in the pecel.

Mmmm, what about capcai?”

Ani         : “Hmm, it’s look delicious. I think I want to try it.”

Dita        : “Great, that good news.

What do you want to drink?”

Ani         : “I want to drink lemon juice. And you?”

Dita        : “I want to drink ice tea.”


After we order some food and drinking, five minutes later waiter bring foods that we order. At the same time, we eat it and chatting something.

Ani         : “Dita, can you tell me about your home town?”

Dita        : “My home town is a large city that have beautiful river. And also have many tourism places, like Curuk and Sendang Biru. But here is hot. The people still rarefied, and the situation is not so crowd. They are nice people. There, much of people that work as civil employee.

What about your town, Ani?”

Ani          : “My home town is beautiful place for me. It is holly city because the name is Kudus. But the people isn’t. He…he…he… it just kidding. It has two Wali from Wali Songo. They are Sunan Kudus and Sunan Muria. My town is industry city of cigarette and paper. The industry of cigarette is PT. Djarum and the industry of paper is PT. Pura Barutama. So, my city rather crowd. My city also have university. They are STAIN and Muria Kudus University that are near from my home. Here, the facility of education is sufficient complete. The weather of my city is very hot. The special food from my city are soto Kudus, jenang Mubarok, and lenthog.

What the special food from your town, Dita?”

Dita        : “The special food from my town are crisply baked side-dish of fish and salt cod.

Can you tell me about your family, Ani?

Ani          : “Of course.

My mother is Dewi Surtikanti. My mother is origin from Kudus. She is a teacher of Citizenship Education at 1 Bae Senior High School. My father is Jumeno. My father is origin from Yogyakarta. He is a teacher of sport at 1 Jekulo Senior High School in Kudus. They have four children. The first is Wahyu Supraptiningtyas. She is twenty four years old. Now, she study at master program in Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta University. The second is Wahyu Ari Budi Utomo. He is twenty two years old. Now, he study at Management Program in Muria Kudus University. I’m a third child. And the last child is Wahyu Fajar Adi Putra. Now, he study at 1 Jekulo Senior High School in a first grade.

What about your family, Dita?”

Dita        : “I have a big family. My mother is Heriwati. Her age is forty six years old. She is house wife. My father is Almadari. His age is forty seven years old. He is an enterpreuner. My parents have three children. The first child is Ahmad Pebriandi. He is twenty two years old and now, he study in Law Faculty at last semester in Ahmad Dahlan University. The second is me. I’m the only girl of my parent’s children. The last child is Muhammad Alwiansyah. He is nine years old. Now, he study at 3 Nangabulik Elementary School in a third grade.”

Ani          : “Dita, why you choose Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University for your study?”

Dita        : “Because Yogyakarta is student city. And I think, education in Yogyakarta is more progressive than in my town. Also I want to be teacher of Islamic Education. So, I choose Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University for my study.”

Ani          : “So, what your plan after graduate from Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University, Dita?”

Dita        : “I want to go back to my town and to be teacher so that I can developed my town. And of course, I want to married and have two cute children. One boy and one girl.

So, what about you, Ani? Why you choose study in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University? And what your plan after graduate?”

Ani          : “I choose Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University because I’m not approved in UNNES and UNY. And because education cost in Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University is cheaper than in UNNES and in UNY. After I graduate, I want to continue my study or go back to my town and more developed my town. I want to be a professional teacher so that knowledge that was got by me can be advantage for all. I also want to married with my love and have four children like my parents. Two boys and two girl.”

Dita        : “Do you have a best friend at your senior high school or in your home town, Ani?”

Ani         : “Of course. I have a best friend in the senior high school. She also my best friend in my home town. Her name is Dessy Dwitalia Sari. She is beautiful girl and is a nice person. She has a long hair and also has body that rather fat. Now, she study at Teacher of Elementary School Program in Muhammadiyah Surakarta University.

What about you, Dita? Do you have a best friend?”

Dita        : “Yes, I have. She is my best friend in the same town. Her name is Firda. She has body that rather fat and has black curly hair. Also she has dark skin. And of course, she is a beautiful girl and is a good person. Now, she study at Accountancy Program in Technology Yogyakarta University”

Ani          : “What place did you go around in Yogyakarta, Dita?”

Dita        : “Only in Malioboro. Yesterday, I went to Malioboro with my friends. Here, we took some pictures around Malioboro. And of course, we bought some veils. The price of some thing isn’t so expensive. I’m happy to shop in Malioboro.

What about you, Ani? What place did you go around in Yogyakarta?”

Ani          : “Yesterday, I went to Taman Sari with my sister by motorcycle. It is a beautiful place. Here, we walked around Taman Sari area. And also we took some pictures. Do you now? The price of ticket is cheep. Only Rp 3.000 for domestic tourist.”

Dita        : “Oh yeah? Sometime I must go to Taman Sari. Could you accompany me if I want to go there, Ani?”

Ani          : “Yes, I could. With my pleasure. You just call me and I will accompany you. He..he..he..”

Dita        : “Thank you, Ani. You are so nice.”

Ani          : “You are welcome.”

Dita        : “What your favorite activities, Ani?”

Ani          : “My favorite activity is playing with Ndut, my lovely cat. Everyday, I play with Ndut. After I study in campus, when I stress, tired, and bored. It is very cute cat and is very fat. Also likes to sleep. I love Ndut so much.

What your favorite activities, Dita?”

Dita        : “I love to clean my room. Everyday I do it. After get up, study in campus, and before I sleep. I love to see my room clean and neat.”

Ani          : “Wow, it’s wonderful.”

Dita        : “Thank you. But, I’m sorry, Ani, I must go now. Sometime we continue our chat.”

Ani          : “No problem.”

Dita        : “See you tomorrow.”

Ani          : “See you tomorrow. Take care, Dita.”

Dita        : “OK.”


After that, Dita pay her order then he go by motorcycle. Five minutes later, I also pay my order and  then go back.


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