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Blog as a Tool in Creating Human’s Personal Branding. Being the leaders in this earth is the destiny of human being that has decided by God. But it doesn’t mean that every human being created by having perfect ability and they can spend their life without any contribution from others. Human being needs love, help and care from others as same as with other creatures in this earth. Because of that reason, people lives in the society in order to find somebody to love, some friends to share and to fulfill each other’s inability in spending their life. As we know, the leader must have special abilities that make it different with the others; human being is also blessed with several special gifts by God to do their obligation as the leader in this earth.

Intelligence, skills and creativity are special blessings that have been gifted by God for every human being as foothold in their life in order to be successfully in doing their destiny as leaders in this earth. By their ability in using those blessings optimally, people can create many things for making their life better. They make strategy, system, tool and many other products to make their life become happy, easy and prosperous. One of human’s products that have been made in order to make their life better is called technology. Because of their efforts in optimizing their ability to improve the technology, human’s life be better time after time.

Today’s life cannot be separated from technology. People have the rights to display their works to others. Blog is one medium to display the work of someone. Blog as a personal branding is a way / place to acquaint ourselves with the internet deng a quick and easy in the know. blogs themselves were now many who have it,
when the first blog that only a few people who have blog, but now as time goes by.
blog is already owned by many people in the world, not uncommon anymore if no one who does not have a blog.

positive impact of the blog is that we can have a lot of friends everywhere, expanding relationships, increase knowledge, and many others of his that we will be able to from a blog. to introduce themselves through blogs and personal success and to event marketing.
and its negative impact dalah easily invite internet criminals will break ours.

Manfaat blog untuk personal branding lainnya bisa dilihat di sini.



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