I have learned a great deal about Blogger.com and UMY Blog in Mrs. Mariska’s Computer Literacy class. Blogging is the important thing that we should know in this digital era. There are many benefit of blogging, such as improve our knowledge. So many information when we doing blogging. When I was made my blogger and UMY blog account I has tried to edited the theme, or the setting. I made the polling in my blogger.com. Actually when I used the UMY Blog I don’t really understand the features, but when I has search in google how to use UMY blog, I know that the UMY blog more simple than Blogger.com. The thing that I don’t like when I used that both of this blog web is I don’t know what should I write in this blog web, but I still using blogging to write something.

Here is link to my blogger.com

In my opinion using blogger.com and UMY Blog are good for language teaching and learning process. In this digital era people want something instant. So teacher can use blog to share the materials blog. Students are also can easily check the blog. Using blog for teaching and learning can improve student’s skill in technology. I think that using blog for teaching and learning is really good in this era.